Roger Brissette

Real Estate Divorce Specialist

I’ve been active in the world of real estate since 2008. In 2011, my wife who practiced as a high-wealth family lawyer and served as civil district judge, brought to my attention the need for real estate agents with specialization in divorce.

As a result, I obtained a Real Estate Divorce Specialist Certification and specialize in helping people navigate the home sale and purchase process during and after divorce. Having lived through a divorce with kids, I remember the emotional rollercoaster of that experience like it was just yesterday. Now, I'm here to use my experience to help you.

• I am certified by the Financial Divorce Association, Inc. I am not a lawyer; I do not give legal advice.

• When selling a divorce house, there are no sides; I do what’s best for the community estate.

• I become the point of contact for all matters relating to the sale of the real estate.

• I hold the MCNE designation, the premier negotiation designation in real estate.

• I’m familiar with the legal process; Rule 11, Temporary Injunction, Temporary Orders, Judge’s Notes, Final Orders, Split Proceeds Agreements.

• I present realistic market analysis and determine the likelihood of sale in order to assist parties in evaluating settlement proposals. My List Price to Sold Price ratio is more than 98% and sold homes have spent an average 52 days on market.

• I deliver efficiencies and enhanced products and services during the home sale process to maximize exposure and sale price.

• I’m no-nonsense, realistic, and have a record of getting the divorce house sold.

• I am prepared to testify in court if called upon by either party and am comfortable in a courtroom.

• I've successfully assisted divorcing parties work through millions of dollars in divorce house transactions.

Attorneys are certified and experienced in Family Law. I'm certified and experienced in Real Estate Divorce. Let's work together and ensure you get the best of both worlds. Contact me today!