Roger Brissette

Real Estate Divorce Specialist.

"If you're going through hell, keep going." Winston Churchill.

I specialize in helping clients navigate real estate transactions during and after divorce. I am the point of contact between the sellers and their attorneys for all matters relating to the sale of the home. Despite the pressures that generally exist from competing spouses, I am no-nonsense, realistic, and have a track record of getting the home sold. My success has resulted in attorney referrals and court appointments.

As an experienced Certified Divorce Specialist, I believe my duty is to the Community Estate; not to either spouse. I value the home and determine its likelihood of sale in order to assist parties in evaluating settlement proposals by completing a Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). My CMA is detailed and professionally produced for court admittance and I am prepared to testify in court if called upon by either party. Certification training included education relating to legal principles and court proceedings relevant to divorce and receiverships.

I am also a Master Certified Negotiation Expert in competitive win-lose hard bargaining vs. collaborative win-win negotiating, psychology of buying, and persuasion principles.